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The final countdown has begun…we’re off in 6 days

As we sit here in the lounge, in our comfy(!) garden chairs, and peruse the chaos around us, the reality has finally hit. It is happening, we’ve rented out our house, we’re leaving in less than a week !! It’s been a fast moving, and incredibly frustrating couple of weeks!  A week ago, we were still in limbo and being increasingly frustrated by prospective tenants. We had a lovely Welsh couple come round, adored the house, said they wanted it, then disappeared. They were quickly followed by a single guy, went into […]

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Our 1st trip to the Weighbridge

We took our motorhome Elton for his first “test” weigh-in at the Weighbridge today. It’s important that we don’t overload the van; if we’re stopped by the police and taken to a weighbridge for testing and we’re overweight, we’d be fined, AND  we’d have to lose all excess weight before they’d allow us to leave the weigh station and continue our journey. Potentially that would mean having to leave some of our possessions – or Carol  – behind (don’t worry fishing tackle, you’re safe). We’ve heard of many motorhomers being tested and […]

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A New Year, and time’s moving so fast.

Happy New Year everybody, we hope 2017 brings happiness and health to you and all of your family. As we lay in bed on New Years day talking about the year ahead, we reflected on the fundamental change that we’re about to take in the way we live. We’re conditioned from an early age to build a stable home and fill it with better and nicer stuff;  this year we’re throwing that conformity out of the window and taking our lives in a completely new direction. We’ll still have a home, albeit […]

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