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Bloomin’ Bloomers Everywhere

With Easter over, it was time to head up into the Netherlands for Phil to meet up with his buddies for their annual fishing week. Well, that was the plan anyway! Three of the boys had to withdraw, two at the last minute, so the whole thing got cancelled. Very disappointing for Phil, however the upside for the HappiHalls, was that the fishymen’s house was fully paid and couldn’t be cancelled so we both moved in for a week, and enjoyed a life of luxury in a beautiful House on […]

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Netherlands, old friends and new

Amazingly we’ve now been in the Netherlands almost three weeks, how time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. We’re missing the family as always, but it’s lovely to be back to our nomadic lifestyle on the road again. It’s been a fun-filled two weeks since our last blog, but in those two weeks we’ve had chance to do a little bit of all the things we enjoy. With no particular plan for our Netherlands trip, we decided to travel clockwise around the country, making stops where there were particular things or […]

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