Rear View Camera

I've been a car driver all my life, I've never driven vans or trucks. I don't care that lorry drivers say you don't need a rear view mirror.  I want to know whats going on behind me when I'm driving, and I want to have a good close up view when I'm reversing. I want a rear view mirror!

The unit we had fitted to the van had two cameras, one giving us a general "rear view mirror" type view of the road and traffic behind us, with the second camera giving us a wide angled downward view of the back of the vehicle for when we're reversing.

The video screen for the camera physically fixes onto the rear view mirror in the drivers cab, so for normal driving it looks and feels exactly the same as a normal rear view mirror. When I put the van into reverse, the view automatically changes to the downward view, showing me the view immediately behind.

All in glorious colour. The resolution is fabulous and lets us see everything we need to.

We also have the ability to manually switch between cameras, if for any reason we want the view from the alternate camera.

And the picture below shows the camera on the back of the motorhome. A neat little unit, and the downward facing camera has infra-red lights to help see, when reversing in the dark!

Great resolution on this video screen (above), just as good as a rear view mirror.

The neat little dual camera on the back of the van


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