Principles for clearing the house ready for renting

We’re starting the long process of clearing the house, ready to rent it out next March – theres a lot to do and a lot to clear out. For everything in the house we need to decide Will it be useful in the Van on our travels? Does it add value to the house? – it can stay with the house Do we need to keep it, or is it sentimental? – for storage Does anybody else want it? Can we sell it? Give it to the Charity shop Dump it ! […]

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Our new van is ordered

Having decided to put our house up for rent and go travelling, we soon realised out 6m Chausson wasn’t going to be big enough to hold all of the “stuff” we were going to need on our travels. Our awning, our inflatable kayak, two electric bikes, all of Phil’s fishing stuff, plus the myriad of extra things we’d need to carry for life on the road – we need a bigger van with a garage. Seeing as our van was also going to be our home for the next year […]

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Welcome to our Travel Blog

Hi from Phil And Carol and Welcome to our Travel Blog. The place where we’ll record the story of our travels around Europe. We’ve decided we’re ready to spend more time traveling Europe in our Motorhome, this is our blog to record the details of our travels. Carol’s giving up work at the end of March 17, but with outstanding annual leave her last day at work should be the end of Feb. A weeks skiing in Austria at the start of March, and then we’ll be off on our […]

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