16 weeks to go…or is it 12

The house went out on the rental market this week – that was a scary reality check seeing the details out there on the internet waiting for a prospective renter. We’ve been assuming Carol giving up work at the end of February, but we realised this week if someone wanted to rent the house from the start of February, Carol could give up work a month earlier and financially we’d be no worse off. That sent us into an even bigger tailspin potentially cutting four weeks out of our sixteen week programme, but it’ll be worth the extra squeeze to get Carol out of work sooner. We have an “open hour” next Saturday for renters to come look round the house…that’ll be fun !

The Coyote Electric Bike

We told the building society to start preparing the papers allowing us to rent out the house. We went for the five year option so we have maximum flexibility, but the £1,500 fee was an unwelcome and unexpected cost.

What has been fun has been the arrival of the electric bikes. We went for the Halfords Coyote Connect electric bikes – not stupid expensive but good starter bikes for us. We went out for a quick half hour ride last weekend, and ended up doing 16 miles – we came back with hardly an ache or a blister, but I think we were both walking a bit funny – we will have to get used to the saddles ! Now some of the younger readers will suggest we’re a tad lazy getting ourselves electric bikes, but remember we’re both in our 50’s (with Phil now dangerously close to 60). Having the bikes means we can park up the motorhome out of town, and then go riding round the local area seeing all of the sights at our leisure without wearing out our poor aged legs.

The other major excitement last weekend was being given the date of 28th November, for when our van was going to arrive into the UK. A week to ten days for the dealer to get all of the extras that we wanted added into the van and we should be able to pick it up around 12th December….what a Christmas present that will be ! We’ve renamed the van already…..it was going to be “Cara” but we’ve renamed him to something more meaningful and appropriate to us. Like all new arrivals, we’ll keep his name to ourselves until he’s delivered ?

Had a great day yesterday with Mum and Dad, for Dad’s 87th Birthday. Being a November 5th baby, it’s tradition we have a few fireworks on his birthday. When the kids were all small we used to have lots of fireworks; now it’s five rockets to keep up the tradition and get back to the warm and the wine as soon as possible! Mum asked if we we’d be sad leaving our home and letting so much of our stuff go. Yes we will be, very. We have a lovely home, but we’re setting off on the adventure of a lifetime that so many people dream about, but so few actually get to do.  One life – live it.

And today we’ve been packing. The first pile of our stuff has gone up into the loft, and the “car boot” and “charity” piles are getting bigger and bigger. We’re starting to see empty shelves and drawers in the cupboards at last. The kids are refusing to visit so they don’t get loaded up with our unwanted things !

Still a lot to do but we’re on a roll now. 16 weeks or 12 weeks – we don’t have a clue, but we’ll be ready !!


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