A quiet week, and a disappointment

It’s a bit hard to write a blog when there’s not much happened to write about. When we’re off travelling, there’ll be things happening most days, but this week has been relatively quiet with no major events.

What should have been the biggest event for the week was the “open hour” for the house viewing, when prospective tenants could come and look around the house. Checking in with the estate agents on Friday, after we’d spent a lot of time making the house look beautiful, revealed that nobody had registered to visit. We did suspect this was going to be the case earlier in the week, but we had to make the effort just in case

somebody turned up last minute. That was all pretty disappointing, but maybe not surprising. We’re still a minimum of ten weeks away from when the house can be made available, and there’s Christmas in between. We “have nothing to worry about” say the estate agents. Of course they’re the most trusted of professions so that filled us with confidence! Most people apparently are looking for something they can move into within a few weeks. We actually have a number of US airbases around our area, so we’re not too worried, there’s lots of US families looking for homes, ten weeks is still just a little too far away for them.

Ten weeks ! Yes, we’ve made the decision to get moving as quickly as possible, and get Carol out of work as soon as we can. So we’re now going full speed ahead to be out of the house by the end of January.  This will give us time in February to relax and share some time with family and friends before we head off. Carol told her work this week that she’d be leaving early in the new year. She’s given them plenty of advance warning, but don’t think they were best pleased with her going right when end of year data and stats have to be produced. But loyalty to work only stretches so far, and definitely sits lower down the list than personal life plans.

We’ve had the electrician in, changing out our old fuse board and making sure our electrics are all up to scratch and certificated. There was no formal requirement to do this for letting purposes, but it was something we wanted to do for peace of mind.  We had no problems with the electrics but it did throw up a problem with the alarm so frustratingly that now needs sorting !

People are turning up almost daily to the house to pick up things that we’ve been selling or giving away on the local Facebook exchange sites, and a trip to the charity shop on Monday with about ten bags of “stuff” has also made the house a lot clearer.  We’re starting to see a few gaps around the house now and some of the cupboards are actually bare! The amount of junk we accumulate over the years is amazing, so much of it would never have been used again and we keep it because “it’s too good to throw away”. We do have Christmas when all the family will be here at different stages, so we need a keep a functioning and homely house till everyone’s gone home. January’s going to be a busy month!

We’ve had the formal acceptance from the building society that we can rent out the house – we have thirty days to accept their kind offer of paying them £1500 for the privilege. Think we’ll hold on to our money as long as we can and accept on day twenty-nine.

Lying in bed on Sunday morning, we decided our bedroom was a bit tired and a bit orange. The previous owners loved orange, and we’ve not yet got around to decorating it; one of the last rooms in the house not to be done.  So, that’s been the major effort this week. We’re very much looking forward to “being on the road”,  without a house and garden to look after every day ?

What’s keeping us super chirpy is that the new van should be with us in three weeks or so, that’s very exciting We keep looking though the handbook and the photos we took to remind us what it’s like. Fingers crossed there’ll be no hold ups.

I think I started off this post by saying  it’s been a quiet week with nothing much to write about, maybe I was wrong…..watch out for the busy weeks !


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