Europe Here We Come

“E” Day for the HappiHalls is finally here. Here we are at Harwich Docks waiting for this evening’s ferry to take us across to the continent for the start of our European travels, and our first attempt at finding some winter sun. We’ll be back in March or April. How excited are we!!! It’s only been seven months since we rented out our house, moved into our Motorhome, and set off on our Scottish tour but it feels so much longer. When we wake up on the ferry tomorrow morning […]

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Homeward Bound

Dear Blog We’re sorry we’ve been having so much fun we haven’t updated you for ages. Were sorry we’ve put more effort into living our dream, than we have into writing up the stories of our adventures. We’re sorry we’ve been so lazy and hedonistic! It’s actually been about eight weeks since we posted our last blog post, when we were on the Orkney Isles. Since then we’ve travelled right across the North Coast of Scotland, down the West Coast, and across to the beautiful Outer Hebrides – “The Western Isles”. […]

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Open post

Our Journey’s begun, we’re finally on the road.

And we’re off! We’ve finally begun our travelling adventure. What started as a dream and fanciful chat six months ago, has become reality. We’ve packed up and stored, or sold all of our belongings, rented out and left the house, said our goodbyes to the family and have headed off on our big adventure. We never would have believed when we first started talking about doing some long term travelling that we could or would make that dream actually happen. But here we are in our van in a tiny […]

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Our Scotland Trip – Spring 2017

Scotland Trip – Spring 2017 This trip in spring 2017, took us up the east coast of Scotland, up and across to the Orkneys, then along the Scottish North Coast. From there we headed across to the Western Isles, then back down the west mainland coast, and across to Skye and Mull. From there we headed back into the central highlands – into the Cairngorms, and from there down the NE coast of England with the last major stop being the amazing Farne Islands off the English NE coast. CLICK […]

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