He’s arrived – It’s a boy!

Ladies and Gentlemen………Introducing “Elton“, our new Carado T449 Motorhome. He weighed in at 7.4m long,  rated at 3.850 tons …….and he’s just beautiful

After what seems an endless wait, but in reality was only about eight weeks, we finally picked up our new Motorhome from CamperUK in Lincoln today.

We’ve had such a fun day today going over the whole van with the engineers, seeing how everything works, and tonight we’ve come down to CamperUK’s own leisure park where we’re trying out all the gadgets and making sure we’re happy with everything before we head off home tomorrow.   Since we’ve arrived at the Leisure Park, Carol’s had a whale of a time finding places to put everything and making the van feel like home.

We’re now settled in for the night, Lasagne’s just about to go in the oven, which should go nicely with this bottle of red , courtesy of CamperUK, and the bubbly’s chilling in the fridge to toast the next big chapter in our journey.

In other news, still no firm taker for the renting the house yet ; been close with a couple, but one wanted to come in at the start of Jan (too early) and one wanted to come in mid March (too late).  We’re not panicking – yet. We have a hot prospect viewing on Saturday, and we expect a bit more life once Christmas is over.

So much to think about now the van’s arrived, Christmas round the corner, and the house is in turmoil getting it emptied ready for renting….but it’s all in a good cause and it beats work (of which Carol now has only 32 days left before she retires)!!!


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