Holidays, Holidays…

Its been five weeks since our last blog post, four weeks since we left our house, and four weeks we’ve now been resident in our new “home on the road”….well, almost! We’ve been parked up at mum and dad’s for the past couple of weeks and mum wouldn’t dream of letting us sleep on the drive!

We’re desperate to start our life on the road proper, but – poor us – we’ve had all sorts of holidays in the way before we can make our final getaway. Retired life can be hard.

This week we’re away with Phil’s mum and dad in a beautiful little cottage down in Cornwall, and next week we fly off to Austria for the annual ski trip with the family. Hopefully next year we’ll make our own way there in our van.

We’ve had two major milestone in the last month:

The first was when we finally drove away from our home four weeks ago. With the excitement of starting our new life, coupled with the sadness of leaving the home we were expecting it to be an emotional day for both of us. The reality was somewhat different. We were so worn out having spent the previous week getting the house cleared out and cleaned ready for renting, by the time it came to leave we were so knackered we were just desperate to go!

Driving away from the house, Carol’s car and our motorhome Elton were both full to the brim with all of the last bits and pieces we needed to empty out of the house. Lucky we weren’t stopped and taken to the weigh station – I think both of our vehicles were probably overweight

After we left the house Carol still had two weeks at work before she retired, so we hunkered down on a camp site in Cambridge for a couple of weeks. That was a pretty uneventful period, but it did give us our first mini taste of living in our new van. We had no problems settling in. We both love being in our Motorhome and we didn’t have any negative reactions to leaving our house behind. I think the excitement of moving forward to the next stage of our dream overcame any negative emotions we may have had.

Our second major milestone was Carol leaving work – forever, that’s it, retired!

It was a fabulous feeling for us both when her last day was over. That was the final hurdle and stepping stone to enable our new life to happen. No more commitments to anybody other than our families and friends. It’s been two weeks now and Carol hasn’t looked back once.

We’ve also had our first taste of being landlords. Things could have gone better! While our tenants are lovely, the house has been playing up a bit and causing a few problems. Maybe it’s missing us! Storm Doris knocked some of our fences down, and the central heating’s been playing up so we’ve had all sorts of tradesmen in and out of the house since we left. Things we would normally have done ourselves we’re suddenly having to pay for – that’s a cultural shock for us! We’ve paid for an agent to to manage the house for us, and they’ve been great in sorting everything out. Hopefully things will settle down a bit now.

We’re very much looking forward to writing our next blog post. After months of planning and preparation, our journey and travels will have started and we’ll be writing our blog from somewhere in the North of England, or maybe even Scotland, where we’re spending our next three months.

Hoots mon!


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