BBQ and Gas Point

Gas Point on the side of the Motorhome

We had an external gas point installed, near to the habitation door. This little gas socket is Worth its weight in Gold !

When we're cooking outside, it's a simple job just to plug the BBQ into the gas point and away we go! We have a 2 metre gas pipe on the BBQ, which means we’ve got plenty of scope to move the BBQ to a position that suits us best.


Gas BBQ point on the side of the van

Safari Chef 2


When we set of travelling, we had a Cadac Grillo Chef gas  BBQ, but it didn’t take long before we realised that while we loved the BBQ, it just took us too long to get set up. It’s brilliant when you’re sitting somewhere for a decent period, but when you move locations every day, or couple of days, it became a pain, and because of that we weren’t using it.

This summer we replaced our big Cadac for a smaller one, the Cadac Safari Chef and it’s fair to say we love this smaller BBQ. It’s so much easier to put together, and the whole thing is a lot smaller so saves us a lot of space in our van. It’s also a lot easier to clean after we’ve done our cooking.



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