Security in our Motorhome

Vehicle Alarm

This was the very first priority for us, we needed to do as much as we could to make sure:

  • our motorhome wasn’t going to get stolen,
  • our possessions were as safe as they could be, when we weren’t with the van,
  • most importantly, that we were safe when we were in the van.

We won’t give details of the alarm that we had fitted, but it provides us with

  • vehicle immobilisation when alarmed
  • alarm sensors on all vehicle and habitation doors
  • internal movement sensor alarm

All controlled from a single key fob.

One feature we really like is the ability to alarm the exterior of the vehicle, while disabling the internal movement sensor alarms. We can sleep safe at nights, knowing that if any of our doors are opened, the alarm will set off.

We know that no security system is foolproof. We know that today’s professional thieves come armed with all sorts of gadgets and gizmo’s to break in or steal vehicles, but we work on the principle that every little bit helps.

If our van has better security than the one next door, they’re likely to go there and not to us! Sorry neighbors!

Door and window Milenco Locks


When we’re travelling, we have all of our important possessions in our motorhome. We want those possessions to be safe when we’re not there. There’s so many stories about motorhomes being broken into, and while determined/professional  thieves will always get in if they want to, if ours looks a little bit more difficult, maybe they just wont bother. Decent locks will also help deter the casual or opportunist thief who might just try and get in when he’s passing.

We had three identical locks fitted, one on each of the garage doors, and one on the main habitation door. All of the locks use the same key, and the locks are dead easy to open. Nothing’s foolproof, but these locks definitely give us a little bit extra peace of mind.



On the windows, we’ve also fitted stand-alone Milenco magnetic alarms, these are easy to self fit, and provide just a little bit of extra protection.


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