Overhead storage in the Garage


Almost as soon as we got our new van “Elton” home, we loaded everything into the van’s garage to see how much space we had, and to  marvel at how much stuff we could take with us. It was a bit of a shock to see all of our things piled up on the floor making the garage look totally full up – and we still had lots more to pack! And how on earth would be able to find anything!

We quickly realised we’d need an organised way of storing our stuff in the garage. The first obvious thing we needed, was to be able to use the roof space in the garage, so all of the long items like the wind break, fishing rods, kayak paddles etc. could be stored out of the way – and safe.The image to the right shows our solution – a perfect storage area for all of those awkward long items.



Showing the full size of the overhead storage

To build it was pretty simple. All we needed was some 5mm ply, and 8 Ikea kitchen cupboard legs (spares we just happened to have sitting around at home).

I made two suspended shelves, a large 120cm  x 60cm fixed close to the main door, and a smaller one, 60cm x 15cm fixed the other side of the van by the smaller garage door.

I drilled 25mm holes in each of the pieces of ply, then threaded the legs through the holes and screwed them to the garage ceiling. Six legs supporting the larger suspended area, and just two on the smaller area. The photo on the right here shows this better than words.





That’s as simple as it was. we now have a suspended shelf across the full width of the van where all our lengthy items can be stored, and potentially where other smaller things can be stored. Photo on the Right shows how I fixed double layer of tubes to the legs.

Depending on what long things you store, there may be room on the large shelf to store some other items too – on the large picture at the top you can see how we’re storing our Cadac BBQ next to the fishing rods.

I did notice while walking round B&Q a couple of days ago, and also Wickes, that they sell similar feet to the Ikea ones – I’m sure they’d also do a great job. I like the legs/feet because it looks smart, but there’s plenty of other ways to fix a suspended shelf !

Fixing the fishing rod tubes to the shelf


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