Window Covers and Blinds

We have two methods for blacking out, or covering our windscreen and side door windows, we have Remis blinds, and we have a “Taylor-Made” silver screen.  The Remis blinds are the easiest thing in the world to use and are always our first choice for covering up the driving area windows. Brilliant in the summer, but in the autumn/winter with the big difference in inside and outside air temperatures, we do get a lot of condensation on the windscreen and side windows. This is when the Silver Screen is best, because not only does it stop the condensation, it insulates the windows and keeps our heat inside the van.

An amazing little tool to deal with window condensation is the Karcher window-vac. This little tool vacuums up all of the window condensation and leaves them bone dry. brilliant little gadget!

Remis Blinds to the front windows

Remis blinds are add on items for the driving area. One blind is fitted onto each side window, and one onto the main windscreen. When not in use the blinds store away into the plastic surround, and when in use they pull out across each of the windows, giving us total privacy, and a great look.

Remis blind, front window

Remis blind side window

When we ordered the blinds, we knew they were a bit of an expensive luxury, but we so wanted them! Many of the new vans we’d been looking at had them fitted and they just looked so smart and easy to use.

Having now had our motorhome for 18 months, they were worth every penny we paid.  With the blinds fitted, we took the curtains down between the driving area and the habitation area, as they just closed the available space down, and were a bulky item to be left sitting in the sides of the habitation space.

The Remis blinds are so easy to open/close, its probably thirty seconds and we’re all closed up, with a very tidy appearance in and out. We were a bit worried when we first started using them, in that they’re made of paper and would they have longevity, but 18 months in, they’re still as good as new.

Because of the “Bulky” plastic surround around each of the windows, I guess you do lose a little bit of visibility around the window viewing area, but not enough to have ever bothered us.


Taylor Made Silver Screen

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