The preparation begins……

17 Weeks to go. A casual remark from a Motorhome friend and blogger “the time will pass so quickly” sent us into a head spin this week. We sat in bed counting the weeks, discussing all the things we had to get done getting the house ready to rent, Christmas looming, and a new van to get kitted out (and enjoy). As the list of jobs got longer and longer we realised we had to seriously get our arses in gear if we want to get out of the house by mid February.

Phil’s birthday started the week, and he got the drone he wanted. “It’s for our travels so I can take different types of photos of where we are” is his claim : “boys and their toys” says Carol. Three times so far this week Phil’s had to get the drone down from trees. The kids of course picked it up and were experts at once, showing Phil how it should be done!

We still have a mortgage and need to get agreement from the building society to rent out the house, so we started those discussions this week.

We want your money

They asked how long we’re going to be away for – a bit like the proverbial piece of string, we have no clue. If we want agreement to rent for two years they want c. £450. For five years – to the end of the mortgage – they want c. £1,400. If we do two years and then want to extend they’ll want the £1,400 as well – a bit more than the £180 admin fee they quote on their web site !! I guess this is payback for the very low interest rate we’ve been paying for the last 10 years. They have us over a barrel – we’re probably going to have to go for the five year deal to keep our travelling options open – we certainly plan to be travelling for a few years but who knows what the future will bring.

We’ve had lots of discussions about what to do with all of our belongings when we rent out the house. The majority of stuff in the house we have no emotional attachment to, which we’re quite happy to get rid of. We have the sentimental stuff which we need to keep, then we have the practical stuff that we want to keep for when we eventually settle down again. We’re not willing to pay exorbitant storage costs, so we’ve been trying to work out where everything’s going to go. We’ve worked out :

  • we have our own loft which we can keep locked up,
  • a room in our garage which we can also keep locked,
  • mum and dads loft for the transient stuff we might need to get to occasionally (like the skiing clothes), and
  • our friends container where we can store all of our garden stuff, like the BBQ, which won’t mind a bit of damp!

So with the semblance of a storage plan, on Friday we attacked the loft in the house – we need to get rid of all the junk in the loft so we have
room for the good stuff that we want to store up there. After a very satisfying few hours we realised we had a lot less junk in the loft than we thought, and a lot more storage space than we thought. So now we’re cleared and ready to start putting stuff up there for storage. Phil’s happy as he realised most of his tools can sit up there quietly in the corner minding their own business and won’t have to be disposed of!

One of our spare rooms now looks like the the aftermath of a Tsunami, full of stuff to be tidied up and packed away or disposed of one way or another.

A major success this week – two bikes, a couple of bits of furniture and a few other things successfully sold or given away on the local area “Selling/Giveaway” Facebook site.

All in all a good week for us, we’ve started the house clearance and have a plan for where pretty much everything is going.

And finally – much to our excitement, our new electric bikes came this week, and we’ve got a delivery date for our new van. More about that in our next blog!


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