Time is marching on

9 Weeks to go.
Two weeks since our last blog, and just nine weeks before vacate our house at the end of January. It’s been a very busy two weeks with house clearance, decorating and family stuff, but there’s no major milestones and no big changes to report. The house is starting to look empty in a few places, most of the obvious junk and stuff that we or the family don’t want has gone

The house is still up for rental
No takers yet unfortunately and we don’t realistically expect to get an offer on the house now until after Christmas. We did have our first viewing today, a youngish couple with four kids under ten. “Fortunately”, the house wasn’t suitable for them – I think we breathed a sigh of relief. Much as we love kids………

…… the thought of four toddlers running about made us worry for the paintwork and wallpaper! We‘ve also had an offer from a family with one kiddie and two largish dogs, who are looking for a six month let. They wanted to move in on 7th January. This gave us both a mild heart attack as we considered vacating the house a week after New Year. We soon realised there’s no way we can be ready for that.

Renting out your own home is a big decision. It’s not the same as buying a house and doing it up to rent out. Much as we love our house in the beautiful quiet village, and while we’re not sure if we’ll ever live here again, we do want the house to be looked after. We want someone to come in here and look after it as if it was their own. Finding the right people is as important to us as the amount of money we’d get from the rental. We’d willingly drop the price for the right people. What’s strange about the rental market, is that people don’t realise that the figure quoted for the rental is potentially open for negotiation in exactly the same way as when you’re buying and selling. Because people think there’s no negotiation on rental prices, pitching the right price when the house is advertised is critical.

Clearing out the house
The charity shops have done very well out of us lately. We were planning to do a boot sale, but don’t think we can afford the time We’re trying to get stuff out of the house as quickly as possible so we can see progress. It’s a sobering realisation that so much of the stuff we collect and cherish over the years actually has very little value to anybody else, and things we might have paid lots of cash for new, is only worth a few pounds to somebody else as second hand. Still good luck to the charities and people that need it, we’re happy to help in our own little way.

The new Motorhome’s on its way
We got the call last week that our van has left the factory a few days early and is on its way to the UK. We’re so excited we almost want to head down to the docks and watch for it arrive. This isn’t just any old van, this is going to be our home for the foreseeable future. Every day we talk about what life’s going to be like when we’re on the road.

“Which way shall we drive today?” will probably be one of toughest daily decisions!

While we will have an overall plan, e.g. for the first three months we’re going to “tour Scotland”, it’s not going to be much more defined than that. We keep pinching ourselves every day, not quite believing this is really going to happen! I guess it’ll be real the day we hand over the keys to our house.

We’re buying our new motorhome, the Corado T449 from CamperUK, who are based in Lincoln. Dealings with them have been very good so far – we’ve had a lot of discussions regarding the extras we want fitted to the van, such as the solar panel, leisure batteries, extra security and lots of other stuff. There’s about a week’s work in their workshop to get everything fitted. One thing we’re impressed with; they like customers picking up new vans, to stay overnight at their own leisure site, so everything can be tried and tested before we drive away the next day.
We expect service to be great before we’ve paid all our money. What’s more important however is that we get the same level of service post sales as pre-sales. Thing are bound to go wrong, we all accept that – what defines a company, and their reputation, is how well they deal with those problems when they happen. Time will tell. Once we’ve got the new van, and had chance to have a proper play, we’ll be doing a whole article for the blog, reviewing the van and the extras we’ve had fitted.

Naming the Van
We’ll have to arrange a naming ceremony when we finally pick up the new MotorHome. HE does already have a name.


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